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Violent Crime Lawyers in Spokane, WA

Violent crime includes murder, manslaughter, assault and robbery. These are some of the most serious crimes in the State of Washington and the penalties can be as significant as the death penalty or life in prison. If you or a loved one has been charged with any of these offenses, you must act quickly and partner with a violent crime attorney to defend yourself. Note & Kidd has the experience and the grit to help you beat these charges. Call us today to discuss your options. 

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An assault is any intentional physical contact or threat of physical contact that is occurs with unlawful force.

There are always multiple sides to a story and assault charges often result in “he said–she said” scenarios. Understanding what really happened is imperative to properly defending this allegation.

The most common defense to an assault charge is self-defense. Under Washington law, when threatened, one has no duty to retreat. Self-defense essentially negates the intent element of assault. Fortunately, a violent crime defendant in the state of Washington who gives proper notice may seek reimbursement from the State for the attorney fees, lost wages, bond money, or more, if he or she is acquitted of the assault charge and is found by a jury to have acted in self-defense.

Note & Kidd has successfully represented many clients charged with assault, some of which have been proven to be self-defense at trial. If you or a loved one has been charged with assault, call Note & Kidd today. 

Assault is divided into 3 classes:

1st Degree Assault

Class A felony and occurs when someone assaults another with the intent to inflict great bodily harm or with an instrument likely to cause greater bodily harm.

2nd Degree Assault

A Class B felony and occurs when a person intentionally assaults another and recklessly causes substantial bodily harm. Other instances can include assaults with the intent to commit a felony, assaults by strangulation or suffocation, or assaults with a deadly weapon.

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3rd Degree Assault

A Class C felony occurs when someone acting with criminal negligence assaults another with a weapon or instrument likely to cause bodily harm. Alternatively, it can be an assault against a certain protected class of person, such as a police officer.

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Simple Assault

4th Degree Assault is considered a gross misdemeanor and results when an assault does not rise to a more serious violent crime.


Robbery is also considered a violent crime. A person commits robbery when they unlawfully take personal property from another person against his or her will by the use (or threatened use) of immediate force, violence (or fear of injury) against the person or his or her property (or the person or property of others). First degree robbery involves the use of a deadly weapon or infliction of bodily injury.

Like many accusations, robbery is often overcharged. Robbery charges are frequently filed when someone shoplifts and bumps into the security guard while fleeing from the store. In other instances, robbery allegations involve displaying a gun and the direct use of force. Effectively defending a robbery charge requires careful attention to detail, thorough investigation and the resolve to fight for the best possible outcome. If you or a loved one has been charged with robbery or any other violent crime we can help. Call Note & Kidd today. 


Homicide is another type of violent crime defined by Washington State as the killing of a human being by the act, procurement, or omission of another, with death occurring at any time. Homicide refers to murder, homicide by abuse, manslaughter, excusable homicide, or justifiable homicide. The penalties for those facing a homicide charge are more severe than any other offense, and in certain circumstances, they may include the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Although defending a murder charge may seem like a daunting task, these allegations are not unbeatable. They require a dedicated defense attorney with the skill and expertise to implement a precise plan for success. If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, manslaughter or homicide, you only get one chance to fight for your future. Call Note & Kidd today to discuss your options. 

Three Strikes Law

Under Washington law, someone who is convicted of three offenses (or two sex offenses) from separate incidents that are considered to be “most serious” or “strike offenses” shall be sentenced to a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a strike offense, whether it’s a first, second, or third strike, having an attorney on your side that knows the law and understands how to prepare a strong defense is imperative. Note & Kidd has the desire and dedication to succeed in defending the toughest cases. Contact us today. 

Most serious offenses may include:

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Contact us, let’s talk about your options.

Contact us, let’s talk about your options.

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